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Established in 1959 Lunquist Manufacturing Corp. has been providing quality manufacturing services to customers in many industries. We have a long history of growth and reinvention in order to serve the ever-changing manufacturing economy.


Now providing production machined components and products utilizing our 30 CNC machines, we are dedicated to our customer's requirements and satisfaction.


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Lunquist Manufacturing is established as a tool and die shop offering general machining, building metal stamping dies, jigs and fixtures.




Frelun Engineering Co. is created, which specialized in designing and building special machines.




Lunquist Manufacturing first N/C machine was purchased and production machining was added to our list of services.




Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder accessories were added along with inventing the forged cylinder bracket design, which is still a successful product line of ours.




Forest City Die and Tooling is purchased in order to expand on Lunquist Manufacturing’s tool and die service to the forging industry.




Beginning to focus on production machining we purchased our first horizontal machining center. This continues to be Lunquist Manufacturing’s primary service and since that year we added a total of 30 CNC Machines.







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